0.3mm to 40 mm in diameter

Production means

  • 92 single spindle cam turning lathes, TORNOS and PETERMANN types, digitized with OVAC-VERMOT system.
  • 120 CNC lathes Tornos CNC-STAR CITIZEN + types ENC74, ENC75, ENC164, SR10, ENC167, DECO10, DECO13, DECO20, B12, C16, R07, B42, L20.
  • 5 Tours ESCOMATIC to work torch type D2 and D5
  • 3 degreasers to perc.

Materials and alloys

All materials

Steel, copper, brass, titanium, composite, precious materials, etc. ...

A stock of perfectly indexed raw materials and finished products facilitates flexibility and reactivity.

Our computerized database handles almost 50 000 references of a huge variety of components.